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About this page

When technological, organisational and social innovations change the way we live and interact, it’s difficult to imagine a life without them.  

But who will lay the foundation for the new ways of managing and meeting societies needs? 

Which  technologies, or new ways of engaging with each other, will shape the future? 

What are the most promising green opportunities? The main risks?

The idea with this page is not to come up with the answers. 

It’s to share reflections and news on key topics & stories of people or organisations that in their own way contribute towards the green transition. 

The content on this page only represent the reflections of myself and the guest writers.

Why this blog?

I’m passionate about sustainability, climate change, and the transition towards low emission and resource efficient societies.

I believe we are in a momentum of change. People, organisations and countries. All defining the new normal.

The Paris Agreement and the Sustainable development goals are clear examples of the momentum going on. So are the number of business and civil society initiatives.

We are now in a place were we actually have the opportunity to change our lives to the better. To make the world a more sustainable place. I want to be part of this transition !

This blog is a small contribution. I hope you’ll enjoy it. Please feel free to comment or to contact me.

Kristine Aaland

Founder of Climatemania. Followed the whole process leading to the Paris Agreement in negotiator roles for the EU and Norway. Previous experience from the Climate and Energy ministries in Norway. Involvement in innovation projects and business strategy for Cleantech solutions.

Guest writers

Guest writers contribute on relevant topics related to climate change, sustainability and related business issues. The idea is to share news and stories of people, organisations or solutions in their own way contributing towards low-emission, climate resilient and sustainable societies.