Sustainability is becoming an indispensable part of competitiveness and new business models are emerging. 

The ability to mainstream sustainability into business models and practices will determine which companies will succeed and which will become obsolete in the coming decades.  Executives and policy makers need to be able to understand the opportunities and risks related to emerging sustainability issues.

This blog will follow the latest insights on sustainability and climate change and link them to relevant business topicsIt will share stories of people, companies, communities and organisations leading the way towards sustainable, low-emission and climate resilient societies.

Sustainability offers great opportunities for forward-looking companies and organisations.

– Global climate change frameworks are pointing towards a low-carbon future. 

– Finance flows will increasingly shift towards low-carbon & climate resilient societies. 

– Institutional investors are already signalling a stronger emphasis on the ESG dimensions of their investments (Environment, Social and Governance). 

– New technologies will have great impacts on global energy markets.

The objective of this blog is to inspire small or big action.

The Paris Agreement and global climate change  frameworks & objectives. 

What is Cleantech and how does it link to climate change and global energy governance?

What is sustainable development and what are the Sustainable Development Goals?